Get Amazing Game Audio Work
That Pays

Find fantastic game audio work that pays - from anywhere in the world.

If you're struggling to find paid work in game audio, you're not alone
If you ask just about any audio designer, they'll all tell you what a struggle it is to find consistent paid work in the game industry. Even so, you know it's possible to make a great living in game audio. There are plenty of pros who are doing well and you likely want to be one of them, too. But, you've probably noticed how hard it is to ask for (and get) what you're worth from your clients.

As an audio designer, it's all too common to enter a cycle of chronic undercharging (or not charging at all)
This doom-loop keeps us mired in endless low-paying projects. These low-paying projects are often with clients who don't respect us, or our work. We get asked to do an endless number of nitpicky revisions, and often have to deal with extremely quick turnarounds.

And the whole process rarely improves on its own
It often leads to a sense of spinning our wheels, never making a great income, losing confidence, and thinking that we're just not "cut out" to have a full-time game audio career. At this point, it's all too easy to quit. But, what if there were a way to get consistent, high-paying clients that will make this career a reality?

The Game Industry Professional

The Game Industry Pro Photo

A 6-week, live course where you'll be personally guided by me to build the game audio career you've always dreamt of.

Even if you look high and low for information on how to find and get paid for your game audio work, you're likely to come up with only vague answers. Why? It's not because no one knows, but because few in our field have put finding and getting paid for work into a repeatable process that can be followed in almost any circumstance, location, or at any experience level.

However, there CAN be a process to all of this
Instead of just getting good at your craft and hoping to get lucky, you can, step-by-step, build a system that brings high quality, paid work consistently. And, no, you don't have to live in or near a major game industry hub city to make this happen.

And that's what this course helps you do
Instead of being told to "network" and "price high" and being left to your own devices, this course shows you exactly how to get paid well for your work, and find the clients that are going to be happy to pay you well over and over again.

All the Delicious Features of
The Game Industry Professional

A Live Class That Meets 2x a Week for 6 Weeks
Unlike most courses that will just give you a bunch of videos to go through and then leave you alone, this course is taught live, where you and your fellow students will hop on to a zoom call with me two times a week, starting on May 31st.

Instead of needing to rely on willpower to get through this course, all you need to do is show up.

Meeting times are tentatively scheduled for Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1PM Pacific. These times may shift from week to week, and we will also have weeks off to give you plenty of time to catch up/take a break!

I'll also be sending out a poll near the beginning of our course as well to see what time works best for everyone!

All meetings are recorded for watching later if our times do not work for you!

An incredibly kind, driven, and helpful community
Even with live lessons, many courses will leave you to learn in a vacuum between sessions. But here, on top of the course content itself, you'll also get access to a private Slack community with some of the most driven, kind, and helpful cohort you'll find in the entire game industry.

While I'm there every weekday answering questions, you'll find that the wisdom of the group far surpasses my own. You'll be able to get help from fellow students and alumni (many of whom are now working full-time in the game industry) at any time.

Standard version members will be able to access the Slack group for 30 days once the course starts, and premium version participants will have access to it for a minimum of 4 months (though you will likely get much, much more.)

Monthly Mastermind Calls (That Are Actually Fun) - Premium Version Only
Even after our weekly meetings are finish up, you'll still be able to get all the support you need with monthly, live Zoom Q&A calls with your fellow students and I (Premium Version Only).

So, on top of learning all about negotiating, finding projects, getting past creative blocks, and getting your questions answered live every month, you'll also join a group of fun, high-energy game audio professionals who are thrilled to be there. Goofs, deep learning, and an actual sense of connection with your peers are what you'll experience every month in what is, easily, the most-loved part of this course.

Get Paid Well by Using Project Proposals
If someone asks your rates, what do you do? Do you just... tell them? Do you email a number back? Do you give them room to even negotiate? If you use a project proposal, that will solve any and all confusion that the client may have about your price - but only if you lay it out correctly. Inside, I walk you through creating a killer proposal that will help clients understand why you're worth your asking price - making it easy for your client to pay you a great rate.

Completely Avoid the Client From Hell
We've all dealt with hellish clients. You know the ones: they don't pay, they ask for endless revisions, and they demand you be at their beck and call 24/7. But, with just a few questions and a proper framework to follow in your initial meetings, you can spot (and completely avoid) these sorts of clients before you even start working with them - saving you tons of time and energy.

Turning client pushback into an advantage
Often, clients will object to all sorts of things: They may push back against your price, your location, your team size, or even a perceived lack of experience. And when these clients object, most freelancers get defensive or desperate and end up losing the project. You'll learn exactly what to say when clients object to working with you, and how to turn their objections into advantages that instantly increase their odds of hiring you for the project.

Finding high-quality work online (from anywhere in the world)
Instagram, Discord, and other platforms are absolute goldmines for work, but so few people are using them correctly. If you're looking to find clients, and you're not near a large game industry hub city, these platforms are easily your best methods for finding freelance projects. Regardless of where you live, you'll be able to find paid projects online using what you'll learn inside.

The backdoor method to getting a job at a big game company
Look at any big game company's job listings and you'll see so many discouraging requirements: must have 5 years of experience, must have worked on at least 3 successful games, must have an incredible demo reel... and all of this for an entry level position. While so many people are hyper-focused on these requirements, the truth is is that most every game company isn't always looking for what they say they're looking for. As soon as you find out what their actual needs are, getting the job suddenly becomes a whole lot easier.

Finding a "happy price" that leaves both you and your clients thrilled
The scariest question a client can ask is "so, how much do you charge?" This leaves most every freelancer on the planet completely stunned, unable to think straight, and terrified. As a result, most people will drastically undercharge themselves for their work, and end up resenting their projects. Thankfully, there are very easy, straightforward ways to charge for your work that will leave you well paid, and the client happy to pay your higher rates.

A Fully Customized Playbook
Throughout our live meetings, we'll be assembling a fully customized-for-you playbook that will be your long-term guide throughout your game audio journey. No matter how far along your game audio path you are, you'll be able to look at your playbook, and know exactly what to do.

What else will you learn in
The Game Industry Professional?

  • How to find paid projects (no matter where you live)
  • Why saying "no" correctly gets clients to chase you (and pay you more)
  • How to promote your work (without being sleazy)
  • Why filtering out bad clients will increase your income (even if you're working less)
  • How to make a perfect project proposal to make the client say "yes" quickly
  • Why Instagram and Discord are goldmines to find projects online (no matter where in the world you are)
  • The questions to ask every single client to make sure they're worth working with
  • Why client objections are a good sign (and what to do when they come up)
  • Why asking your clients the right questions will prevent them from disappearing part way through a project
  • Why charging flat fees will get you paid more (even with cheap clients)
  • Why offering your client pricing options makes it easier for them to say "yes"
  • Why you don't need to live in a big city to find game industry work
  • Why being paid in flat fees will dramatically increase your rates (even if you've never been paid before)
  • Why you should always use a contract (even when working for free)
  • Why saying "no" to clients leads to them wanting to hire you more
  • How to filter out bad clients (and dodge any hellish projects)
  • Why client objections are a good thing (even if they say you're not the right fit)
  • How to get work at a large game company (and know exactly what the hiring manager is looking for) - Premium Version Only
  • How to make the most from networking events (even if you're an introvert)
  • Why asking clients the right questions can win you the gig (and exactly what to ask them)
  • How to build a network completely online (without ever leaving your house)
  • Why smart client follow-up leads to winning the project
  • How to cold email a potential client (without getting blown off) - Premium Version Only
  • Why clients are afraid to pay for your work (and how to get around this fear)
  • How to message VIPs in the game industry (and get a response every time) - Premium Version Only

While there's plenty of generic advice out there on creating a great creative career, none of it focuses on exactly what someone in game audio needs to do to find top-quality paid work in the field. Here, we go through a clear, step-by-step sequence to make sure you're never lost while building your game audio career.

What This Course is About:

  • This product is all about teaching any audio designer the business skills and mindsets they need to create a sustainable, enviable career in the worlds of video game music and sound. Whether you're a game audio student, or a more-advanced pro, this course will suit you. Both composers and sound designers are welcome!
  • Finding great, high-paying projects is something that we focus on heavily inside. We show you a process on how to find a consistent stream of respectful, paying clients no matter where in the world you live.
  • On top of finding projects, you'll also learn the ins and outs of negotiating, ensuring you get paid well for your work, every single time.

What This Course Isn't About:

  • This isn't a course on sound/audio creation, but instead focuses on the business skills one needs to thrive in the world of game audio. If you wish to dive more into the sound creation process, please watch my videos on my youtube channel, as well as sign up for the waiting list of my upcoming sound design courses here.
  • This course is specifically for those interested in working in game audio full-time (or for those who are already working in the industry as a professional who want higher rates). If you want to be a full-time programmer, visual artist, or any other non-audio profession, this course will not be a good fit. It will also not be a good fit if you do not want to work in the game industry, and instead want to work in film, TV, animation, on installations, etc.
  • While there is plenty of information in the course on how to use social media and create a strong online presence, this isn't a social media course per-se. This course instead teaches you the principles you need to create a strong presence that clients will be attracted to, regardless of what tools you're using.

Most Courses Will Leave you to Figure Things Out on Your Own

But, when you join this course, I welcome you in personally and give you a "tour" of our wonderful Slack community.

You'll know exactly how to get in touch with your fellow students and I to ask questions. And as you get settled in and I'll be reaching out to make sure everything is going smoothly for you. No student is left to figure everything out on their own.

And if you join the premium edition, you'll get extended access to our Slack Group as well as monthly, live mastermind calls with your fellow students and I!

What's Unique about
The Game Industry Professional?

A lot of well-meaning people will tell you to "put yourself out there" without giving exact specifics on what to do to make that happen. Here, I make sure you know how to authentically promote your work no matter where in the world you live. That authentic promotion makes sure you'll bring in paid projects with ease.

What our Happy Students are Saying:

Natasha J Fei
Sound Designer
Sydney, Australia

Immediately after enrolling, I was excited to be taking action with developing skills to further my career. I felt more confident in my ability to network and was equipped with more ways to negotiate contracts.

The Game Industry Professional course teaches the skills that are often overlooked by creatives. The course is divided into easily digestible chunks and dives deep into the topics of business and networking especially catered towards the audio professional. Topics are explored thoroughly and the course is not short of content.

Akash has also built a really strong community of like-minded audio professionals who regularly hang out and share advice in the private Slack group. You can count on him to always be there to support and help out with any questions either about your personal career or just general advice about the industry.

I would absolutely recommend this course for someone aspiring to make game audio their full-time career.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, thank you Akash for putting this great stuff out there for the game audio community!

Daryl Barnes
Bay Area, CA

I'd gotten to the point where I was hesitant to continue investing in myself, because for many years I'd tried so many things to get more game audio work - books, courses, and a lot of well-meaning advice - but none of it seemed to work.

Around that time, I discovered Akash's YouTube channel where he talks about the technical and business aspects of game audio. His approach to freelancing and networking really resonated with me. When I saw that some of my colleagues took his Game Industry Pro course and spoke highly of it, that was the final push I needed - I scraped up as much spare cash as I could and took the leap of faith. And I'm glad I did!

A mix of excitement, hope, and also nervousness (the nervousness is a good thing!). Enrolling in the course was definitely the best thing I've ever done for myself.
The course materials are delivered piece by piece (as opposed to dumped on you all at once), which makes it easy to focus on one area at a time, and absorb the lessons completely.

This is truly a no-fluff, to-the-point, and practical course. I was able to start putting what I learned into action immediately, which felt very empowering. I still go back and review the course anytime I feel lost, or unsure of what to do next - it's like a career compass!

What really made this course special for me is the Slack group - just being around fellow game audio professionals and supporting each other is a HUGE boost in morale and accountability. It's a judgment-free place where everyone wants everyone to succeed. I think that's really important, because pursuing a game audio career alone can often feel isolating.

The group does monthly Zoom chats, which are extremely helpful - I've learned a lot not just from Akash, but from my fellow students as well. Also, Akash is super generous and happy to answer questions directly. He's personally helped me navigate turning points in my career.

Honestly, just being able to join the Game Industry Pro group is worth the price of admission!

I've been trying to make a full-time career in game audio for a long time and this course was the push I needed to finally do it. Within 2 to 3 months, I was consistently getting gigs; within 9 months, I was able to comfortably leave my dayjob to do music full-time!

Akash will give you the tools, resources, and community you need - you just have to keep an open mind and be willing to put in the time and effort.

This course is so much more than just a list of things to do in order to get gigs. I see it as a tool to help cultivate your mindset for success in the long run. After completing the course, I've gained a much better understanding of business, networking, and people in general. This course is designed specifically for games, but with the mindset I've developed from it, I've been able to get many fun, fulfilling, and well-paying music jobs both inside and outside of the game industry. I'm no longer afraid to invest in myself and learn new things - and I think that's life-changing!

John "Slide20XX" Smith

I think the amount of energy that Akash puts into making himself personally available is really impressive!

He’s very willing to answer specific questions that come up, either through messages in the Slack channel, or during the monthly meetups he hosts, and I’ve found that invaluable. He’s helped me with some highly specific challenges and it’s been wonderful.

I'd absolutely recommend this course to anyone in game audio. It's invaluable.

Kyle Martin

It's not an exaggeration when I say that this course, Akash and the community has been instrumental to my growth in my game audio career.

I'm not joking when I say that I truly believe I would have given up by now if I never signed up.

Because of this course I've been able to go from beginner to my first paid job in six months, several more gigs after that, to my first talk at PAX Dev in my first two years, and my first time of full time freelance music just two months after that.

I've made huge strides in my career, and Akash has been a fantastic mentor and friend through my journey, and I know that he'll continue to be an integral part because he cares not only about my success but everyone else's too. The rest of the community has been just as supportive as him.

Jeanelle Cobeau

Everything in this course just makes sense. It's easily digestible, practical, and can help anyone and everyone learn the ins and outs of the game industry.

On top of having monthly calls, and a Slack group, Akash is extremely accessible. Whether it was through email or Slack, I could always reach out and get an answer quickly.

On top of learning all about the business-side of working in games, Akash also covers all the social aspects, which is huge (shoutout to all the introverts).

Do what Akash says... it works!

Gautam Srikishan  

For the longest time, I struggled to figure out how to make a living as a freelance composer. How do I set my rates? Where do I go for gigs? What is networking even? I thought, ‘There’s no manual for this!’  

Actually, it turns out there IS a manual, and Akash has laid it all out in The Game Industry Professional! Not only does the course thoroughly answer all of the above questions and then some, but it also introduces you to a truly lovely community of composers, sound designers, and all around audio nerds. Come for the practical & actionable lessons, stay for the webinar chats about the merits of the Metal Gear franchise!

Paul Melancon

The techniques I drew from Akash's courses set me on the path to structuring my freelance work in a way I can tackle higher quality projects without burning myself out. 

I recently landed a gig that paid DOUBLE what I would have originally asked using some of his negotiating tactics that I was able to immediately apply. 

The biggest value I have personally gotten has been the community of professionals you gain access to. 

It is an instant expansion of your network filled with active pros who are all supportive and helpful.

 My last video game gig came to me by way of recommendation from a friend who I met in the group! You are getting a no-brainer amount of value when you sign up!!


When will this course start?

This cohort will begin on May 31st. Until then, you will be getting onboarded and shown around the community slowly, so that you are never overwhelmed, or left to fend for yourself.

Are the live calls recorded?

Yes! Our twice-weekly calls will all be recorded.

Once we finish our 6-week curriculum and transition into our monthly live Zoom Q&A calls (premium version only), those Q&A calls won't be recorded to protect the privacy of the students, and so they feel safe to ask any questions they want.

Is this course just for composers? What about sound designers?

This course is for both composers and/or sound designers who are in, or want to work in, the game industry. If you're interested in other mediums like film or TV, then this course will not be a good fit.

What if I want to work in TV? Film? Animation?

This course is for those who want to work in the game industry specifically. While everything you'll learn will translate well to any other field, the focus is on finding work in games.

How long/how many modules is the course?

This course will be a 6-week live class, where we meet twice a week.

Meeting times are tentatively set at 1PM Pacific Tuesdays and Thursdays, but I will be doing a poll at the start of our class to see what times will work best for everyone. Each of our meetings will be 1 hour long.

There will also be weeks off/catch up weeks, so that you don't have to worry about falling behind!

How long do I have access to the course?

You get lifetime access to the course! No ongoing subscription fees or anything like that. You'll also get access to recordings of all of our classes.

When and how many times does this class meet?

We will meet twice weekly starting on May 31st for 6 weeks (with some break and catch-up weeks built-in).

After those 6 weeks are over, we will transition to a monthly live call schedule.

What if I live far away from a game industry hub?

Even if you don't live in or near a huge game audio hub, this course goes into how you can build your network and career entirely online. So long as you have an internet connection and are willing to use social platforms like Instagram and Twitter, you'll be set.

When does enrollment close? When does it re-open?

Enrollment for this course closes down on either May 6th, 2022, or when 50 slots are filled up. Whichever comes first.

Enrollment for the next class after this one will re-open in 2023 or 2024. I haven't decided yet!

What if I need feedback on my sound design?

That's exactly what the premium version of this course is for! If you grab the premium version, you'll get 30-days of access to a private Discord community with your fellow students and I. I'll be in there every weekday (excluding US holidays) answering questions and giving feedback on any sound design you want to show me.

How do I apply for a Scholarship?

If you'd like to sign up for a scholarship, then you can do so right here.

Deadline to apply is April 15th at 11:59PM Pacific. Recipients will be notified by April 25th!

What if I get stuck?

If you ever have a question, big or small, or feel stuck, you can always reach out to me within our private Slack community. I'm personally answering questions every weekday, and you'll also be able to get advice from fellow students of this course - many of whom have gone on to become full time game audio pros.

Will this course help me get hired at a big game studio, or is it only for freelancers?

While the content comes from the angle of working as a freelancer, 100% of it applies if you want to work at a game studio as well. Big companies in this industry don't hire off of resumes or portfolios, but instead reach out to people they know, like, and trust. This course shows you exactly how to become a known quantity in the game audio field so you are far more likely to get the jobs you want.

Can't I learn all of this for free online?

Probably! All together, I have thousands of pieces of content online that will help you for free. If money is tight, and you have loads of free time, then please do go with that option.

If you feel that direct mentorship from a pro, as well as a community of like-minded audio professionals would be of help to you, though, then it would be in your best interest to jump in on this course.

What if I fall behind?

Don't worry. We will have a few break weeks/catch up weeks where we won't be meeting at all to allow you time to catch up and take some time off from the class.

Even if you miss a week or two or three, just be sure to show up when you can. Just being on the calls/watching the recordings will get you 80% of the way there.

BONUSES - Premium Edition Only

Monthly live Q&A calls
Every month for a minimum of 4 months after our initial 6-week cohort, we will get together and do a live Q&A session with your fellow students and I.

Not only will you be able to ask me questions, but you will also benefit from the wisdom of the group, many of which have gone through this course and are now full-time working professionals in every corner of the game audio feels.

While I'm promising a minimum of 4 months of support after our course ends, I have been running this course since 2015, and have been supporting it that entire time, meaning many students got 6+ years of guidance from me without paying a penny extra.

There is absolutely no other product in the entire world, inside or outside of the game industry, at any price, that will give you this kind of access to any pro in any industry.

Extended Slack community access
Easily one of the most popular and most-loved part of the course is the vibrant, kind, and helpful Slack community. This is where you get 24/7 access to ask your fellow students and I questions, share resources, and network with a global community of game audio professionals.

Standard version students will gain access to the group for 30 days.

Premium version students, will gain access to the group for a guaranteed minimum of 4 months. This group has been open since 2015, so I plan to keep it open and supported for many years to come, so your 4 months of free support is likely to stretch out much much longer.

Access to The Game Industry Pro Vault
Over the years, both your fellow students and I have put together invaluable bonus webinars on working in the game industry, that you'll get access to if you join the premium version.

Topics include:
- Getting a job at a AAA studio
- The basics of DSP Processing
- How, exactly, to use Instagram to find work online
- And Much More

You'll also gain access to all of the recordings of Version 2 of the Game Industry Pro course as well, to make sure there are absolutely zero gaps in your knowledge.

Free Upgrade to Future Versions of the Course
In the future, there will be a small upgrade fee for those who want to upgrade to future versions of the course.

If you purchase the premium edition, however, you will get all future editions for free at no extra cost.

From the Slack Community:

Toby Misselbrook Success

Only 50 copies will be sold of this course! Once it's gone, it's gone.

Course sales will close on May 6th 2022, or when all 50 slots are taken, whichever comes first, and won't re-open until 2023 at the earliest.

Applications for scholarships have closed! Thank you to all who have applied! Recipients will be notified by April 25th!

Standard Version

I'm thrilled to have you inside the course! Here's just some of what you'll be getting inside the standard version:

  • Six Week live class that meets twice a week
  • Recordings of each lesson
  • Freelance game audio contract templates
  • 30 Days of Access to the Slack Community

$987 USD
$187 x 6 Monthly Payments

Available April 25th

Premium Version

If you're pumped and ready to get into taking your learning much, much further, this is the version for you! Here's just some of what you'll be getting inside the premium version:

  • Six Week live class that meets twice a week
  • Recordings of each lesson
  • Freelance game audio contract templates
  • 30 Days of Access to the Slack Community
  • Bonus: Monthly Live Q&A Calls
  • Bonus: Extended Slack Community Access
  • Bonus: Access to the Game Industry Pro Vault
  • Bonus: Free Upgrades to Future Versions of this Course

$997 USD
$197 x 6 Monthly Payments